Thank you for taking the time to look through our Catalog.  This catalog is for illustrative purposes of the styles that we have available to handmake custom Jewelry for you!  Please be aware that all of these items are handmade one of a kind. This means that we can get close to the same colors etc, but each will be unique to the client.   If you are interested, in getting a custom product, please click here to start the process.

 Hair Clips


Specialty Products

 Seasonal  (Easter,  4th of July, Memorial Day, etc.) - Pre-order for Easter

Hair Clips

Funky  6 Sided Polygon

Pointed Rectangle


Funky 4 Sided Polygon

Right Triangle

Rounded Arrow - Sprinkles


Rectangle - 4th of July


Semicircle - Silver Foil Inlays

Large Tear Drop Hoop - Black/White

Mini O - Purple Sparkles

Rainbow -Cobalt sparkle

Square - Funky Black/White

Open Rectangle - 4th of July

Large Tear Drop - St. Patrick's Day

Diamond O's  - Purple Sparkle

Dot Flower - Baby Blue Sparkle 

Open Star - 4th of July 

Mini Star - 4th of July 

Kids Flower Posts - Baby Blue / Pink 

Kids Bunny Post

Kids Easter Egg Posts

Large Tear Drop Hoop - Tortoise Shell

Large Tear Drop - White Sliver Glitter

Large Circle - Green with Gold Sparkles

Adult Bunny - Pink 

Specality Items

Bookmarks - Rainbow 

Domino Stets - Custom Colors

Bracelets - Custom Colors

Coaster Sets - Custom Colors


Easter Earring - Pink Peeps

Easter Earring - Carrots

Easter Earring - Small Bunny

Easter Earring - Small Eggs

Easter-  Chocolate Egg Holder Bunny 

Easter -  Bunny Ear Napkin Holders (set of 4)

Multi Color set Yellow, , Pink, Blue and Green (shown above)


Get them in all one color if you prefer!

<<  Egg holder Bunnies (Blue, Bink, Yellow, White or any color)